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In addition to writing, I enjoy creating hand made crafts. I find that the two forms of creation go well together. While writing, I create things with my mind. While crafting, I use my hands. Both activities require my imagination. They both provide creative outlets.

For the past few years, I’ve been selling my hand made crafts at local farmers markets, festivals, craft fairs, and online.

cb farmers market with H smiling

My online Etsy shop can be found here:

Reprieve’s Corner

My handmade crafts include jewelry, hand painted wooden signs, plush toys, greeting cards, and home baked dog treats.

Whenever I set up at a local farmers market or craft fair, I also bring my books. Now that the summer months have arrived, I’ll be setting up my booth regularly in different parts of the county.

Please see the “Book Tour” page for details. I’ll continue to add events throughout the year.

h in booth cb farmers market 2014



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