About Author, H. S. Contino

Hannah (arms crossed,brown shirt)

H. S. Contino was first inspired to write in Mrs. Brown’s 5th grade class. She’s been plugging away at her keyboard ever since!

Her first published book, “Shipwrecks of Coos County,” provides a photographic history of shipwrecks along a portion of the Oregon coast.

Hannah, who prefers the nickname “H”, acquired her appreciation for history and historical objects from her grandfather, who owned a small antiques shop in New England. She has fond memories of visiting his store and having him tell her the stories behind the many items on display.

A self-proclaimed “nomad,” Contino has lived in numerous parts of the country including the desert, both the east and west coasts, and the southern states. By living in such different areas, she has gained an appreciation for the diversity of both the people and the land.

Contino’s appreciation for variety is evident in her writing which includes both fiction and non-fiction. She has written about history, pets and animals, and both light-hearted and dark fiction.

H. S. Contino is a proud veteran of the U. S. Army.

When she’s not writing or researching, Hannah enjoys creating small crafts that she sells on Etsy. You can view her shop here:

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