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Reprieve’s Corner Jewelry Liquidation Sale (40% off)!

 Good morning!

As most of you are already aware, in addition to my writing, I make and sell handmade crafts. I list most of my merchandise for sale online through my Etsy shop, Reprieve’s Corner. I also sell my handmade crafts and signed copies of my books whenever I set up my booth at local farmers markets, book fairs, festivals, craft fairs, and other markets. 

My booth at the Pony Village Mall Winter Farmers Market.

I love the creative options that my little business provides! Writing will always be my first passion; but, since it usually takes me a few years to write, edit, and publish a book, it’s nice to be able to make (and sell) a variety of handmade items as well. 

I also enjoy being able to try new things. For instance, I recently bought some clay. I want to try to make my own beads. I also bought some molds so I can try my hand at creating my own pendants and clay focal pieces. I’d also like to try making clay figurines– mostly of animals.

Making the crafts also provides a nice break whenever I fell stuck on a writing process. There’s probably a term for the method, but setting aside whatever manuscript I’m currently working on for a few hours while I focus on a crafting project instead often helps me return to my writing with a fresh perspective. I can also “work the problem” in my mind while my hands are busy painting or beading.

Making earrings…

Jewelry was one of the first handmade craft types that I added to my inventory. I enjoy making it– especially since there are so many different styles, materials, and bead types to choose from. However, at every market that I’ve attended, there have always been other vendors selling jewelry. While it can be argued that each artist has a unique style, it can be difficult for two (or more) vendors to make decent sales when they’re selling similar products.

So, after selling handmade jewelry (in addition to my books) for nine years, I’ve decided to use up my current supply of materials and liquidate my inventory. In the future, I’ll no longer be selling necklaces, bracelets, or anklets (with the exception of custom orders).

You may have noticed that I left earrings off of the list. I debated on no longer selling them either; but, I love earrings– and they’re the most fun to make! So, I plan on continuing to make and sell a small quantity of earrings.

From now through July 31st, I’ll be running a jewelry liquidation sale in my Etsy shop ( I have marked down all of my current jewelry inventory to 40% off. I also moved some of my older inventory into my clearance section, which is 50% off. (The sale excludes new jewelry— made and listed online during the past few weeks).

Beginning July 2nd, I’ve also marked down some of my other handmade crafts to 40% off. (This sale excludes my books, wooden signs, magnets, and plush toys).

Please, feel free to check out these sales!

Thanks for reading!

~ H. S. Contino


I'm a combination writer and crafter. My books include "Shipwrecks of Coos County" (Arcadia Publishing, 2011), “Shipwrecks of Curry County” (Arcadia Publishing, 2017), and "Paw Prints" (Create Space, 2013). I'm also the owner of "Reprieve's Corner: Handmade Crafts" ( I live on the southern Oregon coast.

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