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Today’s “Fluff Piece”

Good morning!

Since all of my recent posts have been serious, I decided that it was time to write about something light-hearted. A “fluff piece” if you would…

The name is Fluff… Sir Fluff!

Sir Fluff is my four year old house cat– although he would disagree with that description. While I’m typing this, he’s outside exploring my yard– after he snuck out this morning and refused to come back in (and he’s faster than me!).

He earned his name because he’s the first long haired cat that I’ve ever had. My niece and nephew picked him out for me from a litter of kittens that our local humane society was adopting. He’s since grown into his fur, but as a kitten he looked like a grey fluff ball:

Sir Fluff is a conundrum. On one hand, he’s a sweet, affectionate cat. He loves snuggles, curling up in my lap when I’m reading, and he even gives hugs! On the other hand, he’s incredibly mischievous! Sometimes it’s cute– like when he hops onto my back when I’m doing yoga or when he hops onto my shoulder to “help” me with manuscript edits:

Other times, Sir Fluff makes me grr! For instance, when he decided that the wallpaper trim I installed in the attic made a great scratching post (despite the fact that there are actual scratching posts in nearly every room of our house!). I’ve also had to use rubber bands to the door handles of every cabinet in the kitchen in order to keep him out. There’s nothing worse than retrieving a plate only to discover that your long hair cat has been using it as a bed!

Hanging from the bathroom curtains– “Sure, Mom, take a photo instead of untangling me!”

But, overall, Sir Fluff is a great cat and he certainly keeps us all entertained! For instance, he sleeps in the strangest positions– often with a leg or two sticking out straight:

If I slept in this position then I’d get a crick in my neck!

Sir Fluff also hero-worships his big sister, Loki the Labrador. He loves following her around and copying her:



I hope this fluff piece made you smile. Have a great week!

~ H. S. Contino


I'm a combination writer and crafter. My books include "Shipwrecks of Coos County" (Arcadia Publishing, 2011), “Shipwrecks of Curry County” (Arcadia Publishing, 2017), and "Paw Prints" (Create Space, 2013). I'm also the owner of "Reprieve's Corner: Handmade Crafts" ( I live on the southern Oregon coast.

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